• Effective, clean website design. Need a completely new website or looking to spruce your old one up a little? DaiDreamer Designs specializes in stylish websites that work for both you and your clients.
  • XHTML / CSS coding. Complying with today's standards of XHTML and CSS validation, well structured code is the way to go.
  • Email Campaigns. Can't figure out those goofy templates in your email campaign software or just don't even know where to start? I can manage your entire email campaign or just design individual emails for you to sent out on your own.
  • Branding identity & advertising material. Get noticed with easy to read, well designed marketing material. Logo design, business cards, stationary designs, brochures, flyers, print adverts postcards and direct mailers.
  • Freelance sub-contracting for creative agencies & freelancers. Behind schedule? Need a little help? Confidential web design, code & graphic design services, flexible availablility to fit within your schedule. Homepage & inside page photoshop (psd) designs, XHTML & CSS coding, newsletter designs, logo 7 business identity work and magazine and catalog layouts.